When working on any project staying on track is crucial to make progress everyday. Our new InHiro dashboard helps you stay focused on the most important data and allows you to complete necessary actions at the same time. Let’s discover 6 ways to manage tasks faster.


1. Focus on open positions

In the centre of you attention are open positions. You can manage them by a few clicks. When you want to hire for a new vacancy create new position. You can make your job ad public or private. Close a position when you ended the selection for that particular position. All users (your colleagues) share the same dashboard view.


2. Decide about your next tasks

See and follow the recruiting stages and new happening in all open positions. Every time you see a green dot, something new has happened! Click on the field.


3. Manage necessary tasks by a position

You see all candidates when clicking on the position name. If you want to edit the job ad, import new candidates, ask for referrals and so on, just unroll the menu and choose one action.

new dashboard guide-inside inhiro-07



4. Source candidates in your own database

Go to your talent pool and search in your database.


5. Check the agenda of scheduled interviews

Here is the list of interviews for all users



6. Change the strategy according to results

Knowing the results of your hiring is essential to keep or set up a new strategy. The statistics will definitely help you to recognize the most efficient sourcing channels


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